e.l.f. Oil Control Primer

I am forever on a quest to find products that combat oily skin. Oils are my worst nemesis, seeping through about an hour after I apply makeup and ruining all my hard work. Others will look fine by 5 o’clock home time; I will look like a greasy shiny mess… not ideal.

Step in e.l.f. with this absolute live-saver of a primer. No exaggeration when I say this has been the single best product I have found to combat oiliness. If you struggle with oily skin, I would suggest you check this product out. ASAP.

e.l.f. describe it as a water-based primer, giving skin a matte finish but with cucumber and vitamins B and E to prevent drying it out. This balance is perfect. Shine is gone, oiliness controlled but with no dryness or caking of the makeup. My makeup seems to apply better and, I guess it goes without saying, but without the oils it lasts so much longer too. And all of this for £9.

There are some cons however. The smell is not great, so chemically to the point where it kind of feels you shouldn’t be applying it to your skin… This has led me to question if some of the breakouts I have been experiencing lately are down to this product. As I use so many other skin and makeup products, the jury is still out on that one.

I also find that it can be a little unpredictable. 9 times out of 10 it will work, leaving me shine-free for hours, but on the odd occasion it seems to do little at all and I revert back to my natural greasy state. It may have something to do with the products put over the top, so I now make sure to use with a Murad mattifying moisturiser and this seems to be having much more consistent positive results.

The spray also isn’t the best. More of a drenching than a light spritz, so make sure to move your hair out of the way and that you’re not wearing your favourite top before you spray this everywhere. After a few minutes or so though it will dry down, so not an absolute deal breaker.

Overall I could not recommend this product enough if you struggle with oily skin ruining your makeup. As long as you can deal with the smell and it doesn’t break you out, once you try this you will no longer want to be without it.

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