Urban Decay Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette

With the skew of eyeshadow palette reviews on this blog, it’s no secret that I love an Urban Decay palette. I really like the concepts they have behind them and their eyeshadow formula is reliably good.

One of their newer releases – The Born to Run palette – didn’t immediately catch my eye. Sure, it’s interesting in that it’s got a shade selection that marks a departure from their omnipresent Naked range but it just didn’t jump out at me.

However, then I walked through a duty free waiting for a flight and ahhhhh there it was, in all its technicolour beauty. Swatching it only confirmed that I needed this palette in my life.

I justified it by the fact that it has so many shades that don’t often crop up in your typical eyeshadow collection. Mine is dominated by warm browns and golds, so the appearance of purples and greens was a little out there for me.

Price & Packaging

The palette was originally £42, but I paid around £35 and I have seen it online for even cheaper than that. For that you get 21 shades, working out to £2 per shade if you pay full price. Not bad.

Urban Decay sell this palette as a “all-in-one eyeshadow palette” with “every possible eye look covered in one sleek kit.” Considering the range of shades and that you do essentially get several palettes in one, it can be seen as good value for money.

The packaging is great. I love the collage style design on the outside and its massive mirror on the inside. The metallic closure feels secure and high quality and the pans are large, ensuring that you get good value for money.

Shade Breakdown

Breakaway – Warm ivory shimmer
Nice for a brow bone or inner corner highlight. However, it is subtle so not ideal if you want a blinding highlight

Stranded – Pale rose gold shimmer
A good subtle day to day shimmer with a nice formula and no fallout

Blaze – Light metallic peach with pink shift
A really pretty shade that would also be a nice subtle shimmer for day to day

Weekender – Light neutral beige matte
Good transition shade for lighter skin tones. A nice buttery formula but not overly pigmented

Still shot – Peach matte
A unique matte shade that could provide a pretty pop of colour. This is one of the more powdery shades in the palette however

Riff – Light brown matte
A nice crease shade with a buttery and pigmented formula

Good As Gone – Deep brown shimmer
Not a shade I would really reach for but very pigmented

Hell Ride – Deep fuchsia matte
A stunning pigmented purple-pink shade. Good for a pop of colour

Baja – Burnt orange matte
A really beautiful, pigmented shade. Potentially could be used as a transition shade for warm skin tones or warm eyeshadow looks

Accelerate – Metallic reddish copper
A lot more pigmented that the shimmers on row 1 but with a light bit of fallout

Guilt Trip – Smokey purple shimmer
A beautiful colour and formula just not sure it is the most wearable, for me at least! Could be fun all over the lid for a grungy smokey eye look though

Ignite – Rose gold metallic
Stunning metallic with a very buttery and pigmented formula

Smog – Deep coppery bronze shimmer
Unique, almost khaki shimmer. Pigmented and buttery but with some fallout

Wanderlust – Shimmer forest green
Not as metallic as Smog or Wanderlust but still pigmented and a very unique shade

Wildheart – Bright fuchsia
This shade has more of a sheen, rather than shimmer or metallic finish. It is such a pretty colour but a little on the powdery side

Punk – Deep brown matte
A good shade for deepening the crease but, again, a little more on the powdery side

Double Life – Metallic rust brown
Very pigmented and buttery formula but with some fallout

Jet – Black with purple shift
Pigmented but not sure what exactly I would use it for. If I have a black shade I prefer for it to be matte as I find this more versatile and wearable

Drift – Metallic steel grey
Very unique shade with a pigmented and buttery formula. Does have some fallout

Radio – Deep emerald satin
A buttery and pigmented shade

Big Sky – Frosted green-blue shimmer
One of those colours where you could go back and forth describing it as either blue or green. Buttery and pigmented with no fallout


Although this palette isn’t something that I reach for on a day to day basis, I can’t fault its quality or its shade range. The palette itself is beautiful and well made, as well as being relatively good value for money. If I ever want a bold, colourful eyeshadow look this palette will get the job done!

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