The Best Nail Top Coat Ever: Seche Vite

Throw out any nail polish top coat you have, this is the only one you need. Seche Vite is unlike any other top coat I have ever used and the only one that I continue to use to this day.

It was created in 1991 and was, according to their website, the “first patented single procedure non-yellowing dry fast top coat”.

Firstly, it dries quickly. Very quickly. Within a couple of minutes of applying Seche Vite I can go about my day without worrying about smudging my new manicure. This saves a lot of time blowing on my nails and waving my hands about.

Secondly, it makes any nail polish look like you’ve just had a gel manicure. Honestly, it could be the cheapest colour polish and Seche Vite will make it look as glossy and shiny as if you’d had a gel manicure at a salon. Not only that, it stays that way without losing any of its shine.

Lastly, it is durable. A top coat of this can see my manicure lasting 5-7 days instead of the usual 3-4. Chips are less common and my nails look fresher for longer.

I could rave about it for hours, but also have to admit a few flaws.

The smell is not great; very pungent and chemically. If that’s something you are sensitive to maybe steer clear. Even if you are not I would definitely recommend opening a window or two whilst using it.

Also when the polish does start to chip it tends to do so in one go – the whole nail peeling off rather than a little bit here and there which would allow you to eek out your manicure just that little bit longer.

Finally, it is a little pricey. Nothing crazy especially considering how long it will last you but at around £10 a bottle, it is not exactly cheap.

All flaws can be forgiven though, in my books at least, when you consider how amazing this top coat is in all other areas. I literally do not use anything else on my nails any more. If you haven’t tried it yet, I would definitely recommend checking it out!

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