Liquid Highlighters: Benefit High Beam vs. L’Oreal True Match

Liquid highlighters are a personal favourite; able to give that ‘I was born with this’ kind of glow without the chunky glitters sometimes found in powder highlights. My got to for a long time has been the Benefit High Beam, a cult favourite for good reason. But spending £20 on a highlighter does not sit too well with me, especially when the drugstore has been snapping at the heels of higher and mid end makeup for a long time – hinting that there might be something just as good, if not better, out there for cheaper.

Step in the L’Oreal True Match Highlighter.


After trying almost every liquid highlighter Boots had to offer I think this is the closest dupe of the Benefit High Beam. I would go further than a dupe in fact, and say that it performs even better than it’s more expensive counterpart.

Both highlighters have the same pinky glow, High Beam perhaps erring more on the Champagne side with the True Match a more pinkish shade. L’Oreal does, however, have a more golden shade in the range so that it can span both lighter and darker skin tones.

At £9 the True Match is maybe surprisingly expensive for a drugstore product, but still over half the price of the Benefit. Also, considering I have had it for over 8 months now and have still barely made a dent in it, I think it’s going to last a loooong time. You only need a tiny amount patted along your cheekbones, temples and down the nose and cupids bow to achieve that glowy look.


Ultimately, I feel like the True Match has slightly more glow to it than the High Beam with the latter having the potential to be blended out in to next to nothing. That’s great if you’re looking for a really natural look but personally, if I’m going to put a highlighter on, I want it to do something! The True Match delivers on this with a beautiful but noticeable glow that has considerable longevity (around 4-5 hours on my oily skin). You can see swatches of both below – The True Match at the bottom and High Beam above it:


The greater colour payoff coupled with the vastly cheaper price has made me swap out my trusty High Beam for the True Match. Both will continue to have a place in my makeup bag but it is the latter that I will keep reaching for time and time again.

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