Benefit Hoola Lite

Bronzer is one of those makeup products that terrifies me. That and blusher. I think it’s the fact that you want it to be seen – obviously, no one puts on makeup to look the same – but you also don’t want it to be seen. You want it to melt in to your skin to look like a natural shadow, not appear as though you’ve got a brown smudge up the side of your cheek.

Benefit Hoola Lite

I’d given up the hunt for the perfect bronzer, feeling as though I was doomed to people asking me if I was sick all the time thanks to my pale skin and distinct lack of any colour.

And just when I was about to give up, I found out about the lesser known cousin of the bronzing icon that is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer – The Benefit Hoola Lite. The ‘Lite’ in this products title will strike hope in to even the most disillusioned paler skin among us: yes, you too can be bronzed.

When I first picked it up in the shop, the hefty price tag (£25.50) and underwhelming colour (a sort of ‘meh’ beige) weren’t great selling points and yet, in bronzer desperation, I decided to give it a go.

Benefit describes the Hoola Lite as ‘ideal for fair skin’ as it is a ‘natural, light bronzer’. It is ‘finely milled’ in order to apply ‘smoothly and seamlessly’.

The Hoola Lite actually manages to deliver on all of the above. It is light, obviously, but buildable. This allows you to customise the colour to a level you are comfortable with. It also makes it super easy to blend out. You can go from sharp contour to a blended out wash of colour pretty easily.

Unexpectedly for a bronzer, it also smells really nice! Kind of sun-tan cream mixed with tropical juice – nicer than it sounds, trust me.

It’s lasting power, however, isn’t anything amazing. Not that it claims to be 24 hour wear or anything, but it has definitely faded, if not completely gone, by the end of a working day. This is fine if you are prepared to bring it with you on the go, and it does actually come with a mini brush that would make this perfectly doable.

Speaking of the brush, it is actually a really nice addition. Brushes that come with makeup products often seem pretty pointless, kind of just there for the sake of it and they often end up in the bin because of that. This is a brush that I definitely use however. It’s thin shape and stiff bristles definitely mean that it lends itself more to contouring than bronzing but you can flip it vertically to give a more blown out cheek.

Overall, the Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer is definitely a product I would recommend. Sure, there are much cheaper equivalents on the market that might be just as good, but this one has single-handedly restored my faith in bronzer and for that I can’t help but love it.

Available here – £25.50, Benefit