Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette

Having heard the words ‘Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette’ all over the internet, from YouTube to blogs, I finally relented and bought one. Although it didn’t hurt that the colours also looked beautiful!

Zoeve Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette


First off, the packaging is really pretty. It actually does kind of remind me of a chocolate bar, with its slide off cover and geometric print – kind of what I imagine a Willy Wonka chocolate bar to look like!

It’s a pretty slim and compact palette so is good for travelling with. Also on the practical side it doesn’t dirty too easily and any powder can be easily brushed away – boring but sometimes you want to know these things!


You get 10 eyeshadows in this palette for £18 which means that, at £1.80 per eyeshadow these are really good value! There are 6 shimmer shades, 2 complete mattes and 2 mattes with a tiny hint of shimmer. This gives you enough variation to build a full look but perhaps a few more mattes to build up in the crease would have been good.

My favourite shade is definitely Freshly Toasted. It is a beautiful rich matte brown which I either use for deepening the crease or for all over my eyelids and under my lower lash line for a sort of daytime grunge look.

Pure Ganache is a beautiful gold shimmer that is beautiful on the lid and Bitter Sweet makes a great matte white brow highlight.

A couple of shades that did not work for me would be Sweeter End and Infusion. Sweeter End, a lilac shimmer, just wasn’t as pigmented as the other shadows in the palette and so was a little disappointing while Infusion is just a shade that I never really reach for. As a sort of holographic black with gold and purple shimmers it’s not really up my street!

Below are some one-swipe-swatches so you can see the colour payoff these shadows have!


The pigmentation of these shadows is beautiful. Especially considering that they are pretty affordable. The shimmers glide on with little fall-out while the mattes blend out perfectly.

I would recommend applying the shimmers with your fingers and the mattes with a fluffy blending brush. Definitely tap off your brush for shades like Freshly Toasted as they are super pigmented and it can be easy to go a little overboard!


These last pretty well on me, especially when used with an eyeshadow primer (the Urban Decay primer potion in Edenis my current fave by the way!) The mattes tend to last longer than the shimmers but that seems to be true of most eyeshadows for me.


The Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette definitely lived up to expectations! With amazing pigmentation and longevity at such good value for money, it is definitely a palette I would recommend. If you’re looking for an everyday neutrals palette this might not be the one for you but, for someone whose looking for richer, more intense shades, these are beautiful!!

Available here, £18 Beauty Bay