Face Halo Makeup Remover

Taking my makeup of is definitely one of my least favourite parts of the day. I have always used makeup remover wipes but find them to be scratchy, expensive and always leave me feeling like I am causing an unnecessary amount of waste. Also, I have to rub at my eyes for a full on five minutes which is not only boring but also makes me feel as though I am causing some premature wrinkles and pulling out a few eyelashes along the way.

So with all that in mind I am constantly on the search for new means of removing my makeup at the end of the day. So I’ve tried them all: Cleansers – get in my eye. Oils – make me feel greasy. Warm flannels – take too much effort. Electronic cleansing brushes: disregarded immediately on the account of their expense.

But then, on one of my many Instagram binges, I saw one of my favourite Youtubers Chloe Morello promoting a new makeup remover brand – Face Halo.

The video intrigued me as it made removing makeup look effortless; simply adding water to a microfiber pad seemed to easily remove all makeup.

Reading up on the brand intrigued me even more. Face Halo was started by Rebecca Williamson and Lizzy Pike, two Australian friends who were fed up with the makeup removing process themselves and wanted to find something quicker and easier. Face Halo was the result!


Promoted as a “one-step solution to makeup removal”, the product uses a microfiber technology which is said to be one hundred times finer than that of a human hair. This allows the little fuzzy pad to lift and trap makeup from the surface of the skin.

The product is non-toxic, reusable up to 200 times and only requires the addition of water. What’s not to love!


There is free shipping on US orders but unfortunately, for us here in the UK, there is a $12.83 shipping cost. This added on to the $22 price tag for a pack of three will bring your total order to $34.83 (or £26.80).

Now, this may seem a lot to pay upfront for a makeup remover, especially when a pack of Simple wipes will cost you a couple of quid. However, the idea of a reusable solution that makes removal quicker and easier is worth the extra money, for me at least.

Effectiveness & Usability

The Face Halo is very simple to use. I simply run it under cold water for a couple of seconds and then wring out the excess water. I find that I only have to wipe the pad across my skin, rather than the rubbing motion that I used to use with wipes.

Eye makeup is a little harder to get rid of. I like to run the pad under the water again, hold it over my eye for a few seconds and then gently rub which tends to work. And yet with eye makeup, we come to the only issue I have really had with this product. It is a little too bulky when it comes to removing mascara. I tend to fold the pad over in order to wipe gently at my lashes, but the shape is still a lot more awkward to use than a thin makeup remover wipe.

That said, it does not pull out my eyelashes as previous removal methods have – which is amazing! It also does not leave my skin feeling tight and in desperate need of a moisturiser. Instead my skin feels hydrated and cleansed.

When I’m done, I just throw the pad in with my washing, ready to be used again. And as you get three in a pack you can have them in constant rotation.

Pros & Cons

I feel as though I’ve rambled on about the pros of this product for far too long so here’s a quick summary of the benefits:

  1. Quick

  2. Re-usable

  3. Cost-effective

  4. Only needs water

  5. No need to rub so much

  6. Skin does not feel as tight after using

In terms of cons, the difficulty of getting in to nooks and crannys of the face, such as the eyelashes, can be a major drawback. Maybe a mini face halo for eyemakeup in the future!?

Also, I couldn’t see these as being viable for travel – unless you have access to a washing machine or are prepared to hand wash them after every use. When it comes to holidays, I think I will, unfortunately, still be packing my makeup removal wipes.

Overall I would highly recommend checking out Face Halo if you are fed up with all other ways of removing your makeup. They are quick and simple to use and leave you face feeling squeaky clean. Although I will still be going back to my old makeup wipe days now and again, I can truly say that I am a convert to the Face Halo!