Five Ways to get Free Makeup Samples

Who doesn’t love a free sample; they’re an amazing way to test out products before you buy, great to use for travelling or even just as a means to use lovely makeup without ever having to pay for a thing!

Free Makeup Samples

I’m sure most of you have got free samples before, be it from a beauty counter or along with a makeup purchase you have made. These are great ways to get free samples but there are also a few more that you may not be so aware of. Below are some of my favourite ways as well as some tricks and tips for getting the most out of free (if not very cheap) makeup samples:

1) Beauty Counters

As perhaps one of the most obvious ways of getting samples, I will not spend long talking about this. However, it is worth flagging as it is such a great way to test out new products. The majority of beauty counters will give you some free samples if you ask.

An added bonus is that they will colour match you as well if it is a foundation or concealer that you are wishing to try. The samples they give are often enough for a few applications which means you can get a fairly decent idea of how the product will work for you before you go all out and actually buy it.

2) Free samples with online purchases

Although this does not technically qualify as ‘free’ as you have to buy something full-size in order to get some samples, this is a good way to try out new products when buying something you were planning to get anyway.

So many brands offer this option when you make purchases online (as well as in-store usually). Some of the best that offer really large samples are:

  • Clarins – you get a generous amount of product in the sample and can even pick which shade you want

  • Bobbi Brown – offer ‘Delux samples’ which offer a generous amount of product

  • Kiehls – they offer amazing samples when you buy. Buying one product in-store could mean you get around 8 generous samples. I had a face cream sample from Kiehls once which was so big it lasted me a couple of months

  • Many many more brands including Urban Decay, Smashbox, Stila, Laura Mercier, The Body Shop, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, MAC etc. etc.

  • (Also Spehora offers 5 free samples when you buy, just watch out for customs duties if you’re ordering from the UK!)

3) Feelunique’s Pick ‘N’ Mix Service

Feelunique is a Beauty website that offers an amazing sample service. From its Pick ‘N’ Mix section you can choose 5 samples (the majority are skincare and fragrance). You have to pay £3.95 for shipping but this is redeemable if you make a purchase.

Feelunique also has a ‘Try Me’ feature on certain products where they will send you a sample size along with the full-sized product you brought. This means that you can try out the sample, and send back the full-size item, un-opened and un-used, if you did not like the sample. This is an amazing service, especially in the UK where you cannot return makeup once it has been opened/used.

Finally Feelunique offers 2 free samples when you spend over £30 with them (an amount which I seem to be able to exceed alarmingly easily…). Overall, Feelunique is an amazing destination for samples and definitely a website I would recommend checking out for its service in general.

4) Websites that round up offers and freebies

There are some websites out there that do all the work for you. They will scour the web to find the best deals, offers and giveaways going on. Just make sure to use a secondary email when you sign up so you don’t get constantly spammed for the rest of your life!

5) Facebook & Social Media

Brands will often promote offers, freebies or giveaways on their Facebook or other social media accounts. Make sure you’re following your favourite brands to stay up to date on any deals they have going on. Plus, it’ll make your news feed look pretty!

Do you have any tips or tricks for getting free makeup samples?