The Best Affordable Makeup Brushes

When you’re starting out in makeup or even if you have loved it for years, the price for makeup brushes and the vast array on offer can seem a little daunting. I mean, there are about 50 different kinds of brushes for your eyes alone. Where the hell do you start!?

Experimenting with cheaper options seems like a good place to start. Instead of splashing out £80 on a foundation brush which you then discover isn’t really for you; start out with a decent but affordable brush to test out what shapes, textures and types work best for you.

With that in mind, I’ve collected 3 brands which I think offer really good quality, but relatively in-expensive makeup brush options.

Affordable Makeup Brushes

1) Cala

The first makeup brushes I ever owned were from Cala – they’re so old that they don’t even stock them anymore. They’re probably the most expensive brand I’ve listed here (at around £10 a brush on average) yet the fact that my ancient brushes are still going strong is a good advert for their durability! Although you can probably tell that the big powder brush in the picture below is getting a little old… They have a massive range, covering everything from eyes to face to lips and can be found on Amazon.

Cala Makeup Brushes

My favourite of their brushes are from the Rose Bliss collection. I have three eye brushes (which I bought as a set from TK-Maxx for £5!) which have pretty rose gold handles and are amazing quality for their price point. However, my favourite brush is an oldie but a goodie. It’s amazing for the crease, as it has a small tapered tip to dispense product, then a fluffly outer layer that blends beautifully. 

2) Eco Tools

I feel like this is a classic brand for those looking for inexpensive brush options. They have a wide range and can be found easily at Superdrug. I have an eye set from them that I use every single day. They also tend to make small brushes which are amazing for travelling – anyone else try to ram long brushes in to your makeup bag and then get the bristles caught in the zip? It’s a sad moment I know.

Eco Tools Makeup Brushes

3) Real Tecniques

Real Techniques is another classic makeup brush that you definitely would have seen if you’ve ever taken a stroll through a Boots or a Superdrug. The brand of the amazing Pixiwoo sisters – Sam and Nik – these brushes are so sturdy and well-made, the bristles are beautifully soft and are amazing tools to do your makeup with. I would highly recommend their Core Collection Kit (which is pictured below). It has a mixture of face brushes and one eye brush, making it a good starting point for any makeup brush collection!

Real Techniques makeup brushes

I love the Multi-Task brush because, as its name suggests, it can come in handy for pretty much anything. I tend to use it for powdering my face as well as for blush or bronzer. Another favourite is the Domed Shadow Brush which I love to use to blend out the edges of my eyeshadow.

I hope that’s helped give you some ideas if you’re looking to start or expand your makeup brush collection without having to spend a ton of money. Let me know if you have any suggestions for affordable but good-quality makeup brush brands – I’m always on the lookout for some new brushes!