Urban Decay Naked Palette dupe? MUA Undressed eyeshadow palette review

I’ve been using this MUA ‘Undressed’ Palette for a few months now, testing out the claim that it is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I don’t actually own the Naked palette (a terrible life mistake that I hope to rectify soon) so I wanted to test out this muuuuuch cheaper alternative first.

The MUA Undressed eyeshadow palette

The palette retails for £4! For 12 eyeshadows that seems like an amazing deal, especially when you consider that the Naked palette is £39. So it’s a much more pocket-friendly alternative.

The packaging is nothing to get excited about – just black plastic with a clear lid so you can see the shades within it. It is a good size for travel and can be wiped clean after you use it (because, if you’re anything like me then you will have got powder all over the palette). However, it does not seem to be overly durable. My palette already has several scratches and signs of wear.

Shade Selection
You have to admit that the colours are pretty similar to the Naked palette (have a little google if you want to check out some comparisons). The colours you get are really pretty and perfect for creating anything from a neutral everyday look to a more dramatic smoky eye. My only complaint is the lack of matte shadows in the palette. I would say that every single shadow in the palette has an element of shimmer or glitter in it, with the exception of perhaps Hazel. Even the black is shimmery. If you’re more of a fan of matte shadow, this may be a palette to steer clear of.

These eyeshadows last a good few hours before they start creasing on me (but what eyeshadow doesn’t crease on me…). With an eyeshadow base and a setting spray over the top they can probably last around 4-5 hours before they start fading. They don’t fall under my eyes as they wear too much which is a massive plus, but they can make my face glittery (but, again, what shimmer eyeshadows don’t do that to me…)

The formula is actually surprisingly good, considering you’re paying around 30p per eyeshadow! Some colours, such as Gild, Lion and Bronze Ore are especially creamy and easy to work with. The others, however, can be powdery and chalky – I’m looking at you Fawn and Fuel… They produce a lot of fallout which can be irritating if you have sensitive eyes like me. MUA states that the shades are ‘highly pigmented’. For some this is definitely true; others, however, are sadly lacking. Below is a rundown of each of the individual colours:


A very light pinky-white shade which is heavily lacking in pigment. A miss for me


Rose Ash

A pretty, shimmery light pink. A nice shade to put in the inner corners of the eye




A light brown that, while slightly more matte than the other shades, is still too shimmery to use as a crease shade. Not that I would anyway considering how unpigmented and powdery this shadow is


This is where this palette gets a lot better. This pinky-purple shimmer shade has a lot more pigment than the previous shadows and blends nicely


The only shade in the palette that comes close to being a matte, this mid-brown can be nice through the crease but isn’t overly pigmented. It is fine to use, but I would definitely reach for other matte browns before this one.


A true gold shimmer that has a lot of pigment and is easy to blend – one of the better shades in the palette

Bronze Ore

I would say this is the most buttery and pigmented shade of the bunch. It is dark gold that I love to use all over my lid. This shadow gets top marks and is one that I actually use when putting eyeshadow looks together


Burnished Brown

A dark shimmery brown that also has relatively good pigmentation and formula


This shade is a beautiful rose gold colour which blends nicely and, like the other really shimmery shades in the palette, is a lot more pigmented


A dark shimmery brown that is so similar to burnished brown that, to be honest, I can’t really tell the difference! Like burnished brown, this shade has a pretty good formula


The black of the palette but still shimmery which I find a strange choice. The formula of this shade is not good at all. It is powdery, flaky and difficult to blend

Cool Grey

A shimmery grey-blue that has an almost duo chrome effect when applied. It has a good level of pigmentation and the formula is not too powdery

Overall I would say this is actually a really good dupe for the Naked palette. Considering you’re saving around £35 it seems a good way to go if you don’t want to get the Naked palette. Some of the shadows are beautiful and ones that I will continue to use. Others are a little more disappointing and this palette as a whole definitely leans more on the powdery side of eyeshadow formulas. This isn’t a problem, but just requires more work to blend and really build up the pigment. Definitely worth giving this palette a shot though and MUA is a brand I will be checking out a lot more in the future! Have you tried any Naked palette dupes that have been amazing?

Available here, £4 Superdrug



Shimmer shades are pigmented

Contains all the key shades needed to create a look


Powdery formula

Matte shades lack pigment